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How to promote your company's business with a metal keychains?

How to promote your company's business with a metal keychains?


Zinc metal keychains is also a new channel for advertising. If you want to win in the above business, you need to effectively promote your business through your own advertising. Of course, we know there are many ways, but sometimes it is difficult to choose which one to use for marketing.

metal keychains

       Metal keychains

Customized zinc alloy metal keychains are arguably one of the simplest advertising options. Although they are simple and clear, they are serious attacks. Because the cost of custom zinc alloy metal keychains is very low, it has quickly become the choice of promotional gifts in the market, and even small businesses can buy them in large quantities.

Zinc alloy metal keychains are suitable for exhibitions, corporate events and fundraising events. For example, we can watch an exhibition. As people pass through your booth, it's easy to send custom metal keychains into your hands. Because the keychain is small and light, customers will not be burdened. People will put metal keychains in their pockets and continue with each booth display. When they go home or a hotel, they will get rid of the keychain and take a closer look at the quality of the geometric appearance. If they like it, you can say they will immediately leave the original keychain and put the new keychain into use.

Because custom zinc alloy metal keychains are easy to issue. Because everyone has a door key, a car key, an office key, and so on. People need to manage these keys together, and then you need to use this key. So when they get the keychain, everyone will use them. This is where your ads and promotions begin. People will carry metal keychains everywhere and always remember your logo and brand. In this case, these people are potential customers because if one day they need production time and your business does exactly that, then they will go to your company. What's more, when they notice the above pattern, more people will see the keychain and more likely to ask the key links of the way, then these people will become a potential customer, and your strange sign or slogan will Was imprinted in their memory.

Through the above content, everyone must have a deeper understanding of how to promote the company's business through metal keychains. If you want to learn more about the customization of zinc alloy metal keychains, you can consult our customer service staff online.

Manufacturing method of key chain

First, cut to size. Cut bronze medals according to customer requirements.

Second, cleaning. Dip xylene or gasoline twice with clean gauze to remove the oil on the copper surface.

3. Printing. The proportioned text is printed on the copper with ink.

Fourth, the eclipse. The text printed on the copper sheet was poured on the text with 30% nitric acid solution. Wear rubber gloves during operation to avoid burns. The nitric acid concentration can be mastered in practice. The concentration is low and the time is longer. Otherwise, the time is shorter. After pouring nitric acid, you should touch the word with your hands (wearing gloves) from time to time. If you feel a certain depth, stop the corrosion, and quickly wash off the nitric acid with water. Then, remove the tape and dry the water stain.

Fifth, polishing. Polish the bronze medal with a cloth wheel or carbon.

Six, paint. 1. Spray transparent baking or baking varnish on the copper skin. Painting tools can use air compressors. If there is no air compressor, they can also be replaced by hand sprayers. Before spraying, use xylene or banana water to dilute the paint until it can be sprayed. 2. According to customer requirements, paint red or black baking paint on the text.

Seven, baking. Build a simple drying room, it is best to spread iron on the bottom and inlaid with iron on the surrounding area. The area is about 1 square meter (according to the size of a general bronze medal). Only earth leakage protector). Put the bronze medal into the drying room, power on, and close the door of the drying room. Bake at 120 ℃ for 1 hour. At this time, the baking paint is firm and the copper sheet is shiny.

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