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Custom Triathlon Marathon Medal Process

Custom Triathlon Marathon Medal Process


Triathlon is one of the sports events. It was born in Hawaii and belongs to the new comprehensive sports competition. Competition consists of swimming in natural waters, road bicycle and long-distance road race in sequence. Athletes need to take a drum to complete the race.

It became an Olympic event in 2000 and became an Asian Games event in 2006. Triathlon also represents a spirit of never yielding.

The design:

The positive national flag adopts the coloring effect to highlight the diversity of colors. The name of the activity is prominent. The bright gold plating effect has a movable color printed logo ribbon. The back Triathlon activity logo protruding.


How to start a order ?

First of all, the client will have a general understanding of the design of the medal in the form of sketches or logos, and we accept any kind of drawings. Then there are professional customer service handover, such as size, thickness, electroplating color, etc. We will turn this idea into a viable medal design based on the customer's design, and finally draw the final effect for the customer to start customizing the mold and production.

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