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Best Christmas present—Santas Magic key

Best Christmas present—Santas Magic key


Father Christmas is based on a real person,St.Nicholas,Which explains his other name ‘Santa Claus’which comes from the Dutch ‘Sinterklaas’.

Christmas is a sacred and beautiful holiday. Children are looking forward to receiving all kinds of gifts.

Now We have a Santas Magic Key for promotional activities.the size is 105mm*35mm*4mm.

the color plated can custom gold,silver ,bronze and antique.(we can provide plated color for your reference),if you want get more price ,please email us sales@medalstech.com

"On a wonderful night, I'm sure to appear, as reindeer take flight, and sleighbells draw near. On your door hang this key, a sign of Christmas within, 'round your holiday tree, let the magic  begin!"

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